Lübeck Art Studio
C.A.R Contemporary Art Ruhr

The Lübeck Art Studio opened in February 2012 with an exhibition dedicated to new art ( NEO-METAL )by C.W.Lübeck. Since then it has presented exhibitions of new work by C.W.Lübeck in America, UK, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Sweden.. as well as a major exhibition of Art Series called The Phases Of Rammstein.

In 2013 the Lübeck Art Studio's exhibitions of work by C.W.Lübeck were ranked the top two most visited exhibitions in Berlin - Preview Berlin - Berlin Art Week - Painting Forever

- post-industrial society -


..."C.W.Lübeck’s work creates a tension that is hard to shake. Primarily, because his work operates on a psychological level that challenges the viewer."....


.."Lübeck is also a brilliant illustrator, whose delft line work is expressive and moving. He even renders hands and characters in a way where they are metamorphosing into new, unnamable images. Too, Lübeck reflects on our current post-industrial society, one that is in decay and full of difficulty. In this sense, his work is incredibly contemporary and relevant". - Jill Smith, NY Arts Magazine





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